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How to go fulltime in your online coaching business in less than 90 days using our proven 5 step process.
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Jose Gallegos

Jose joined The Personal Trainers Business Mentorship program feeling like he was an imposter. Now he is able to help more people than he thought was possible.

Jess Post

Before Jess met Zakk, she didn’t have any business. in just eight weeks after joining the Personal Trainers Business Mentorship program, Jess was able to create a business, gain clients, and get her client’s results.

Nik Sarda

Nik has completely changed his life after going through The Personal Trainers Business Mentorship. Now, he is in Cabo working his dream job.

Mackie Trumbell

When Zakk reached out to me I´ve been taking this course and I learned how to redefine my limitations come to find out I was the only one stading in my own way he also taught me how to end a sales call and collect the payment.

Why we are


We are fitness coaches ourselves! We work exclusively with personal trainers and fitness professionals. Not only will we be able to help you with your business, but we will ensure you stay up to date with best coaching practices to deliver high level results to your clients.

Quick + Lifetime support! When you’re in you’re in. Access our learning material and support system for a lifetime! Also get fast responses to the questions you have and challenges you're facing in real time. Our team is ready and able to work with you any second of the day, so you can get support for those game time decisions.

In-Person Events. This isnt just an online program, its a family. Meet coaches and make new friends in real life by joining a community that will be there for you every step of your business journey.

The Personal Trainers

Business Incubator


Week 1 is all about getting you into the right mindset to go all in on your coaching business. Break through limiting beliefs, gain the confidence to show up online, and own your new identity as a successful fitness coach.


Week 2 we will create your offer, identify your niche, and put together price points for your program. Here you will know who you help, how you help, what result you help them achieve, what challenge you help them overcome, and your unique method. But most importantly, you are going to know how to confidently communicate your offer and value to your ideal client.


Week 3 you will begin using our unique content creation formula to post online with a consistent strategy. Your content will drive awareness to your business and generate interest. Combined with our simple outreach method, you will be able to push and pull clients into your business. Leaving you with consistent clients wanting to work with you.


Week 4 you will begin signing clients left and right. With our Solution Based Sales Method, we will make it easy for you to close clients genuinely and authentically. You will see how simple our 3 step sales process is to implement and it will turn you from a sales noob into a closing pro!


Week 5 we will set up your backend to manage a high volume of clients, while keeping results top notch. You will also learn how to build/create your own online products that you can use to add even more value to your coaching program. This will make it easy for you to stand out among the competition.


Once all these systems are in place, it’s time to implement with on-going support. From here our team will be able to assist you with any questions or challenges you will face in the future, and the best part is its lifetime access!

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Meet Your


Zakk Colburn

Head Coach, CEO, has personally helped over 200+ personal trainers start their online coaching business. Zakk leads the way for PTBI and all the coaches inside by constantly bringing the best and most recent business practices to the forefront.

Jen Butters

Assistant Coach, Jen has built her own fitness coaching business to multiple 6-figures per year and is passionate about helping new fitness coaches start on the right foot. Jen delivers high level support to the coaches inside PTBI and pushes each coach to break beyond their current limits and achieve greatness. ​



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